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With such tense novels as Blindsighted and Kisscut, Karin Slaughter has firmly positioned herself as one of the most capable exponents of the crime novel at work today - and certainly one of the most disturbing (a skill the author is clearly proud of)

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  • But, as the Bard observed, murder will out...

    Sara, personally involved now, is distrustful of Lena Adams the detective in charge, so she gets in touch with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and asks as she has done before for the help of Special Agent Will Trent Karin Slaughter readers will be well aware of the intriguing relationship between these two

    Scrawled in blood on the cell wall is a poignant message 'Not me

    The duo begins to suspect that a murderer enjoys the covert protection of the close-mouthed inhabitants of Grant County, who have fashioned a skein of non-communication

    The principal suspect in the case has requested - desperately -- to be able to speak to Sara -- but when she turns up at his cell in the local police station, the suspect, Tommy Braham whom she had known as a boy , is unable to speak to her

    Tommy is dead he has been savagely beaten, and his wrists have been cut

    We are introduced once again to former Grant County medical examiner Sara Linton, proving that the Jacobean taste for bloodshed and mystery is alive and well in contemporary USA. A woman's corpse is discovered in the waters of Lake Grant, and a note is found which seems to point to suicide - but Sara Linton has never been a woman to settle for obvious solutions

    What's more, she ensures that each new book is subtly different from its predecessor, as her latest, Broken, demonstrates, with its innovative, edgy mix of tried and trusted elements

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